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Welcome to the Tetragon Engine Wiki

You have arrived at the Tetragon Engine Documentation Wiki, a site where you'll find everything you need to develop games with the Tetragon Engine. Here you'll find engine documentation, tutorials on how to create your own game project with Tetragon, and more.

Tetragon is an Open Source cross-platform game engine used to develop games and applications for the web, desktop and mobile devices. It is written purely in ActionScript 3 and comfortably allows to write source code once and deploy builds to several different target platforms. Unlike most other Flash-based game engines and frameworks that allow you to develop a specific type of game or that provide a subset API to support game development, Tetragon provides a complete foundation with that any type of game can be developed, incl. resource management, debugging facilities, multi-locale support, layered extendability, a game-oriented data structure, and a lot more.

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